[Pres]Arch Website Launch Party

  • 16 Sep 2011
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Cask Bar + Kitchen, 167 East 33rd Street, NYC
PA just received word that a new website devoted solely to discussing historic preservation has been organized by an enterprising group of students in the Preservation program. Let's cheer them on at their website launch party!

From the organizers:

Historic preservation as a profession is quite young. Yet it already carries a decades-old stigma, which has contributed to a general misunderstanding of what preservationists actually do and what they stand for. Today, the possibilities of preservation have expanded far beyond the realm of a single definition, opening the doors for its past to be examined and its future to be questioned.

We are a small group of emerging and current preservation professionals with an interest in the built environment and in exploring the question: What is preservation?

Are we young, overly enthusiastic, full of questions and annoyingly (to some people) obsessed with what we do? YES! Our backgrounds are varied and encompass the fields of architecture, chemistry, civil engineering, conservation, design, history, journalism, planning, and materials science. But our goal is the same: to delve into, question, and push the limits of how “historic preservation” is defined.

[Pres]Arch signifies an effort to take our field to the next level and to redefine preservation for our generation and the next. We have developed this forum, via a globally accessible medium, in order to facilitate discussion between students, professionals, and enthusiasts of any field related to preservation. A common ground of projects, opinions, and debates that discuss the ever-changing and evolving practices of the built environment’s preservation will serve as the basis. We hope to create conversations that draw people from throughout the United States and abroad, and we hope people of all ages and levels of expertise will join in the discussion.

We invite you to have a look at the site, ask questions, voice your opinions, provoke your certainties (or uncertainties)…SCREAM, if you would like (we won’t be able to hear you, but you may feel better). Our hope is that through this digital platform of discussion we will all begin to challenge and develop our understanding of historic preservation and the unique role it plays in our lives.


Patrick Caughey
Heather Hartshorn
Katherine Malishewsky
Dianne Pierce O'Brien
Julie Rosen

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