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Since 1977, Preservation Alumni (PA) has worked to support and enrich the Historic Preservation program at Columbia University by advising and assisting students, faculty and alumni of the Program. PA is the largest alumni network of preservation professionals in the country, and seeks to advance preservation as a diverse field of public and professional endeavors.

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PA provides a number of specific benefits to students in the Program, including mentoring, grants and scholarships as well as career development assistance. Additionally, PA works directly with the Program's directors to enhance student experience. Initiatives include annual grants to the Rare Book Collection at Avery Library and student recruitment.
PA aims to facilitate a network of alumni and students, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas. With its members, PA shares information concerning the Program, the field and current issues through newsletters and annual meetings. Throughout the year, PA sponsors or hosts conferences, film screenings, lectures, field trips, and volunteer events. PA also provides notification of employment opportunities and internships.
PA works to advance public knowledge regarding preservation issues, activities, and developments in the field through stipends, research aid, prizes and awards, publication of papers, and the ownership and rehabilitation of threatened structures.

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